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Posted by Aymar Jean Christian in Uncategorized.

This week I’ll start what I hope will be the main part of this blog: FIRST ENCOUNTERS!

With FIRST ENCOUNTERS I will give my casual thoughts on articles and books I’m reading for my papers. Most of these I’ll be reading for the first time, so I won’t be an expert, but I’ll try to give as much personal and intellectual context to the responses as is necessary. Hopefully, this will keep me reading and will also be a resource to anyone interested in literature related to film, new media, cultural analysis, and art.

I’ll post the first one soon. Enjoy!



1. John Hemmington - January 7, 2011

What about the rest of those cretins on that show?? Making millions to show up at parties. Makes me sick when their are decent young people who struggle to get through college. All exhibit such bad behavior and are rewarded for it. Yes, it is the end of decent civilization

2. John Spendlove - January 7, 2011

if anyone needs any proof that our country is doomed, it is the fact that ANYONE even knows the name of this useless dingbat. knowing of her existence is bad enough, but the fact that there are throngs of people who voluntarily follow this perosn is nauseating. we are done as a country. done.

3. Henry Berrye - January 7, 2011

Very limited menu. Too many other options out there with far more choices. I�m sure the burger is good, but there�s no reason for me to travel to a hectic place like South Coast Plaza to get a burger. Especially when I know I can have more choices, less headaches, and a burger just as good elsewhere.

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