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ART/VIDEO: Kalup Linzy, Ryan Trecartin Important to Saltz April 22, 2009

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Circulating the blogosphere is a list art-critic Jerry Saltz composed (on Facebook) of notable artists emerging after 1999 (last ten years). Lists are always problematic, and many of these I don’t know because I haven’t been living in New York, but I was happy to see Kalup Linzy and Ryan Trecartin, two video artists who use YouTube to distribute their art and about whom I’m eager to write an article! There are a lot of meaningful connections between the two. (I saw Linzy’s Studio Museum show this past weekend and I’ll post thoughts soon).

Saltz’s List (Art Fag City’s commentary here; thanks for the link):

Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Klara Liden
Tamy Ben-Tor
Dana Schutz
Laurel Nakadate
Huma Bhaba
Juliette Aranda
Kerstin Brätsch
Liz Glynn
Orly Genger
Xylor Jane
Valerie Garlick
Lisa Sanditz
Karin Oliver
Kate Gilmore
Aki Sasamoto
Sara VanDerBeek
Leslie Hewitt
Fia Backstrom (last two in 2008 Whit. Bi.)

Sterling Ruby
Jeffrey Wells
Ohad Meromi
Brain Belott
Robert Melee
Leidy Churchman
Peter Coffin
Alexandre Singh
Garth Weiser
Kalup Linzy
Andrzej Zielinski
Ryan Trecartin (in 2006 Whit. Bi.)



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