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My Interview with NPR /WBUR on Black Web Series November 17, 2009

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Click to listen to the program.

Thank you to producer Kevin Sullivan and host Robin Young for granting me a chance to talk about Buppies, black web series and web series in general for their show Here and Now! And thank you to Aaliyah Williams, Buppies producer for doing the show and granting me an interview weeks ago.

Click the photo above or here to listen to the program.

One thing I forgot to mention on-air is that black shows online have a surprising number of gay and lesbian characters, much more so than we see on television and in movies. This is another example about how the ability to produce one’s own narrative leads to greater diversity and possibility (even if doing so is incredibly difficult and arduous).

I apologize that I couldn’t mention particular shows on-air, but there are too many. For a list of shows, click the link above, and for all my web series posts and research, click here.


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