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Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Slate of Spring 2010 Programs (Curated By Me)! December 17, 2009

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The brochure for the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Spring 2010 Adult Public Programs is coming out! This spring I’ll be co-teaching a film survey course with Dr. Rebecca Sheehan (PhD from Penn, now at Haverford). I’ll also continue to run the Film@Perelman series, and I’ve selected some interesting offerings for the season!

Rebecca and I really tried hard when selecting what directors to focus on for the course. When teaching a survey — with the hopes of showcasing global, independent, Hollywood, avant-garde, women, and minority directors — a lot of compromises and tough calls need to be made. For instance, completely missing from our list are French New Wave stalwarts Godard, Varda, Truffaut; Italian neorealists Fellini, Antonioni; we could not fit in East Asian directors like Kurosawa (classic) or Wong Kar Wai (contemporary); female directors in general get short shrift. And on and on; cinema is huge. Still! I think we came up with a solid slate that will be informative, engaging and provocative for anyone who is paying for the course. I’ll be lecturing numbers 3 and 4 (Spike Lee/Cassavetes/Tarantino and Sembene/Almodovar/Nair).

For Film@Perleman (below), the idea is to show two or three films by and about artists, totaling one hour. It was a challenging program to organize because I had to work within the constraints of the films I had available (Penn library). The shorts — mostly documentaries — had to be in conversation but still different enough to spark dialogue, which we have after every screening. I’m particularly excited about February, when we’ll be showing three early Pixar short films (made to showcase the technology but also quality pieces in their own right) and a doc on Nam June Paik. Two completely different discourses on technology in the 80’s!

The highlight for me is June’s documentary on Ana Mendieta, with whom I fell in love during a course on Cuba taught by Ruth Behar (the MacArthur-winning scholar who’s work on the country — and in anthropology — is foundational).

Film@Perelman is a cheap outing on a Sunday afternoon so check it out if you’re in Philadelphia!



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