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Televisual: Two-Year Anniversary! April 9, 2010

Posted by Aymar Jean Christian in Uncategorized.

This weekend, Televisual turns two years old! Well, sort of. My first post was in April 2008, but it wasn’t saying much; also, the original title was “Atom Culture,” which was bad. “Televisual,” along with more frequent posting and a more cohesive theme, really came last year in the spring. So this is basically a one-year anniversary. No matter! This post is mainly for me, to mark off an accomplishment and encourage me to keep going.

Now, for some fun stuff. The top ten posts of all-time (two years) on this blog! Also, some thoughts on how I’ve been writing and what I plan for the future.


The most popular items on this blog are, by a landslide, the black and gay web series lists, both of which I’m thankful have become resources for people seeking out independent film online (also thankful to AfterEllen, Shadow and Act, and NPR for linking to and helping promote the lists). Aside from those two, here are the top posts on the site:

Fame (1980), Fame (2009), and Fame!: My essay on the Fame remake and what it says about American culture.

The Tender Same-Sex Moment in Levi’s “O’Pioneers!” : A short post about a cool Levi’s ad.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone:’ Product Placement and Corporate Anxiety: Telephone! Title explains all.

On the “Black” Robots in Transformers: Half this post was speculation pre-release, then thoughts on the film afterward.

‘Avatar’ Robbed Like ‘Citizen Kane’?: A look at what a “Best Picture” win really means and if, with those criteria, Avatar really deserved it.

Dr. Ken Jeong: Brilliant or Lucky?: Ken Jeong! I think this one was popular just because of the pic I used :).

“Buppies,” Tatyana Ali and the Value of Making a Web Series: My interview with the lovely Tatyana Ali, star of Buppies.

FAME: Kade Style (Anniversary Cut!): My short documentary on Arthur Kade and general thoughts on the Philly-made phenom.

Music Video Remakes: Fair Use (and History): A Cliff Notes version of a paper I wrote (still in review) on fair use and YouTube videos.

“Precious” Isn’t the First Naughty Black Film: An quickie effort to contextualize Precious in black film history.


My love/hate relationship with representation: When I say “representation” I mean deciphering the cultural meanings of media images (often class, race, gender, sexuality).  While my academic research isn’t completely focused on the politics of representation, I write about it a lot on this blog. Why? Because, well, it’s fun! For me, representations are political, but, these days, not as urgent. There are simply too many shows/films/series for any one to matter much (so expect more aggregation, as I did here). Television — also film and increasingly the web — allows us to talk about ourselves. It doesn’t corrupt or cajole, it mirrors and proposes. It allows us to have a conversation about who we — Americans, black people, Asian people, gay people, whatever — are. And conversation is what blogging is about!

More web series: I’m always doing interviews from producers, marketers and executives. I’ve been publishing some of those on here — even breaking some news — and I’ll continue to do so! My web series lists will keep updated, and I hope to upgrade the site soon so the interface will be easier to navigate and more useful.

More research: I’m finally (almost) done with coursework, which means I’ll be doing more of my own reading for my own research, more interviews, more archival work, more deep thinking about what new media (and all media) mean, all of which I hope to keep track of on this blog. So expect more, and better, posts like this one.

Upgrades?: Sometime, hopefully, I pray I’ll get a more sophisticated layout than this stock, though pretty good, WordPress template. :)


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