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I created this page as a central location for the longer essays I write for this blog.

Where Did The “Gay Show” Go? (Part I) (tag: television, sexuality)

Best TV of the Decade! (tag: television)

Will We Ever Pay Homage to Nancy Meyers? (tag: film, gender)

“Invictus” and the Politics of Idealism (tag: film, politics)

Lo-Fi Survives the Age of High-Tech and Big Budgets (tag: film, web series, aesthetics)

Rethinking “Post-Racial” (tag: academic, politics)

“Precious” and the Fight Against Representation (tag: film, academic)

Lonely Men: An American Encounters Sorrentino (tag: film, aesthetics)

Fame (1980), Fame (2009), and Fame! (tag: film, generational)

Fame Star Decries Fame Today (tag: film, generational)

Star Trek and Millennial Aesthetics (tag: film, generational)

Mumblecore: We are a generation of hustlers (tag: film, generational)

“Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism” (tag: academic)

Michele White, The Body and the Screen (tag: academic)

Bakhtin and the Carnivalesque (tag: academic)

‘Avatar’ Robbed Like ‘Citizen Kane’? (tag: film)

Graduating from YouTube Hard Without Big Media Support (tag: online video)

Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone:’ Product Placement and Corporate Anxiety (tag: online video)

What is “Television”? Broadcast, It Is Not (tag: television)

The End of YouTube? (tag: online video)

Better Off “Fred” (tag: online video)

Recession Film Formula: Mad Men (tag: film)


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