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PRINT: What Makes You So Special? October 1, 2009

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This is the rare post that isn’t really televisual; instead: print! I’m being a little bit provocative here and pushing my argument a little far to make a point. ORIGINAL at SpliceToday.


Long ago women’s magazines booked almost exclusively models for covers. They were simply more beautiful than anyone else. Everyone forgave this because these women were special, even if genetically. Then sometime in the late 1980s and early 1990s, celebrity became more important than beauty. Celebrities were special because not only were they beautiful but talented as well, either at managing their careers, in acting or singing.

Now, every time I go to CVS or a bookstore and look at the magazines, I wonder what makes the cover girls so special. Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, and the Kardashian sisters are repeat offenders, but even stars who work only occasionally like Jessica Biel and Halle Berry make it onto the covers of prestige magazines like BazaarElle, and Cosmopolitan and, the worst offenders, gossip zines like US WeeklyPeople, and Star.

My beef: these women don’t work! On the rare occasion I do see a working actress featured on a magazine cover, I ask myself: does she have a movie or TV show coming out? Is she producing or directing anything of note? I check IMDB. Sometimes I find a project here or there, many times I don’t. Instead, they are reality stars leading dull lives and somehow getting recognized for it. Or they are actresses who haven’t made a decent movie or TV show in a long time and get covers because women simply like them.